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blåserenset og fosfatert del

Surface treatment

Xylan (PTFE)

Xylan is available in many color variants and with different properties. Xylan is a thin film coating and contains PTFE which provides low friction, as well as a clean and nice surface. Typical thickness of the Xylan coating is from 20 to 70 microns.


Belegningsteknikk performs both Zinc phosphate and Manganese phosphate. The phosphating process gives a clean and homogeneous surface. This treatment ensures good adhesion for Xylan. The layer has various anti-corrosion properties.


The non-stick coating contains PTFE, which provides a low friction coefficient. It is resistant to most chemical compounds. Here there are several types that are also approved for the food industry. 


At the lab, quality tests such as weekly testing of phosphate are carried out to ensure the best results in production.

Blast cleaning

Belegningsteknikk carries out blower cleaning with different types of media depending on wishes and needs. Blow cleaning is an important step in connection with painting in order to achieve good adhesion to the paint. Blow cleaning also cleans any contamination in the steel such as rust etc.


Norsok and Polyurethane varnish are available in many colours. Norsok is a thick lacquer layer, 100-200 microns, and is mainly used as rust protection.

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