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Xylan (PTFE)

Belegningsteknikk A/S has close to 24 years of experience with Xylan treatment for the offshore industry. Xylan is available in many color variants and with different properties.

Xylan is a thin film coating and contains PTFE which provides low friction, as well as a clean and fine surface which provides a longer life and less maintenance. Xylan has a low coefficient of friction, has good properties against corrosion and certain types of xylan have good lubricating properties. This offers great advantages for surfaces that have adaptation to each other and for surfaces that have a large load under high pressure. Typical thickness of the Xylan coating is from 20 to 70 microns.

Lakkert med Xylan

We offer most types of Xylan:

Xylan 1010, Xylan 1070, Xylan 1052, Xylan 1270, Xylan 1400, Xylan 1421, Xylan 1424, Xylan 1425. 

We also manufacture high-hardening Xylan such as: Xylan 1331, Xylan 1391, Xylan 8840, and Xylan 8870

Belegningteknik A/S also performs other thin film coatings such as Everslik, Dupont Teflon and Molykote.

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