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Blast Cleaning

Belegningsteknikk carries out blower cleaning with different types of media depending on wishes and needs. Blow cleaning is an important step in connection with painting in order to achieve good adhesion to the paint. This is also used to clean any contamination in the steel such as rust etc.

We blast clean with aluminum oxide of different graining, we use aluminum oxide as this does not leave carbon in the surface that is blast cleaned.

Different blasting media

Blåserenset med glass

Blast cleaning with glass

This gives a much finer and smoother surface than with normal traditional blower cleaning with aluminum oxide. This is a great way to get a nice finish on "old" parts that you want to give new life to. For example: Aluminum parts, carburettors, manifolds and other engine parts



Blåserenset med aluminiumoksid

Blast cleaning with aluminum oxide

Blast cleaning with aluminum oxide is something that is carried out daily in connection with the painting of all parts in order to create good adhesion between the part and the coating. Blast cleaning also removes other impurities in the steel.

Blåserenset med aluminiumoksid

Rough blasting with aluminum oxide

Blast cleaning with rough aluminum oxide is something we do on parts to achieve the right roughness (RA). There is, for example, a requirement for this this type of roughness when painting Norsok.

Rough aluminum oxide is also used to remove thick layers of paint such as powder coating or thick epoxy paint.

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