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Zinc And Manganese Phosphating. 

Belegningsteknikk performs both Zinc phosphate and Manganese phosphate. The phosphating process gives a clean and homogeneous surface. This treatment ensures good adhesion for Xylan. The heavy soluble metal salts that precipitate on the metal surface act as a passive and adhesion-improving layer for paint. The layer has various anti-corrosion properties. A zinc phosphate coating on steel can prevent under-rusting or rust spreading if damage occurs to the paint film. 

The phosphate is also used on surfaces that do not want to be coated with varnish for rust protection, electrical contact and lubrication properties during assembly. 

We satisfy the requirements given in the following specifications: 

AKER Solutions: C-110c and FMC Technologies: C80400, SPC 60038992 

We also have manganese phosphating.... More Info Coming!

Blåserenset med aluminiumoksid

Blast cleaned part before phosphate


Same part in phosphate bath

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