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About Belegningsteknikk

Belegningsteknikk AS carries out surface treatment with xylan and other steel paints for the whole country within: offshore, food industry, car industry, defence, medicine and aircraft industry.

Xylan surface treatment takes place through cleaning, blast cleaning, phosphating and coating. We coat with Xylan, Everslik, Molykote and Norsok. Our procedures are based on our customers' specifications, which include: C81001, C81007, C81005, C81006, Sup-0000002, Sup-0000011, C-149, C-156, C-164 and C-172.


Vi søker lakkerer

Vi søker etter noen med bakgrunn eller utdanning innenfor lakkering og en lidenskap for god kvalitet i lakk arbeidet sitt.


Xylan lakkerte deler

The offshore industry

Xylan, Everslik, Mollykote and Norsok

We have almost 24 years of experience with surface treatment  for the offshore industry.Xylan contains PTFE, and is a coating with a low friction coefficient. Xylan is resistant to most chemical compounds, and has very good corrosion protection. Our production is process controlled, through our own and/or according to the customer's process description. 

The food industry

Non-stick coating

We paint new and used parts within the food industry with Nonstick/Teflon (PTFE) coating. We have a high-hardening oven up to 500 degrees for hardening such coatings. Xylan non-stick coating is resistant to most chemical compounds, and has very good corrosion protection. 

We provide work within the food industry with nonstick coating of various equipment such as hot plates, plastic welding tools and molds and more.

Teflon/ Non-stick belagt plastsveise verktøy
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