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Norsok And Polyurethane coating

Belegningsteknikk A/S has close to 24 years of experience with Xylan treatment for the offshore industry. And in recent times have started more and more with Norsok and Polyurethane varnish. Our experience from thin-film coating, processes and structuremakes us able to deliver quality and delivery time when it comes to these types of paint aswell.

Polyurethane paint is available in all colors and is therefore widely used for marking direction, text and parts that require/want a specific colour. We therefore also take on tasks where we paint with polyurethane on parts for appearance, rust protection or other purposes.

Example where Norsok marking is painted over Xylan:

malt med Xylan og norsok

Parts coated with polyurethane to get the desired colour:

Malte deler, Norsok
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