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Non-stick/ Teflon (PTFE)

We carry out surface treatment with "PolyTetraFluoroEthylene" (PTFE). PTFE is a coating with a low friction coefficient. It is resistant to most chemical compounds and has very good corrosion protection. Our production is process controlled, through our own and/or according to the customer's process description. Here there are several types that are also approved for the food industry. We provide work within the food industry with nonstick coating of various equipment such as hot plates, plastic welding tools and molds and more. We repair damage in the Teflon/non-stick coating of tools from, for example, Multivac.

Lakkert med Xylan, Non-stick, Teflon

Plastic welding tools are coated with a non-stick coating to regain non-stick properties during use.

Belegningteknikk A/S has its own procedures against nonstick coatings: CRV-17 and Crv-88

We have prepared our own robust quality system, which takes care of our customers' requirements and gives us good control over the various operations.

We also attach great importance to well-being and a good working environment, which is reflected in our HSE work.

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