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About us

Belegningsteknikk AS is located in Drammen and has newly refurbished modern production premises of 1650m/2 and has 14 employees. We have modern equipment, and the capacity to receive units up to 10 tonnes, with a volume of LBH 6000x2500x2350 mm.

The main guidelines we work according to are quality and short delivery times. In our contact with the customer, this is experienced through our personal service.

We build our quality system on ISO 9001:2015, and are certified according to this standard. We manage production through good control systems, which provide high quality and a robust process. Belegningteknikk has an HSE system that satisfies ISO 14001:2015 and which substantiates that our HSE system looks after our employees and the environment around us.


ISO 9001

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